Discover Your Family Tree: Genealogy Research Free Resources

From family tree templates to ebooks on genetic genealogy, military records and more, Family Tree Magazine and Family Tree University are happy to provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to dive into your family history. Download these free genealogy eBooks below to explore a specific subject and get your genealogy research started. Best of all: these genealogy resources don’t require a purchase.

Free Download of Preserve Your Old Family Photos

Preserve your family history in old photos


If you have old photos you want to restore and preserve, this eBook will get you started.




Free Download of Trace Your African-American Ancestry

African-AmericanCover sm

If you have African-American ancestry, this free genealogy download will set you on the path to finding your family history.




Free Download of Trace Your Native American Ancestry

NARCLPsm If you suspect – or have discovered through DNA – that you have Native American ancestry, this collection will provide you with the tools to trace your family history and discover your ancestor’s tribe. Plus, you’ll find plenty of resources and strategies inside that will help you refine your search.




Military Records Free eBookFree Download of How to Find Military Records

In this collection, we’ve gathered five articles that will help you find your US ancestors’ military records in the military records that have been generated by the US military – from the Great War and World War 2, to lesser-known military conflicts such as the French and Indian War, War of 1812, and more. If your ancestors were in the military, drafted or even married to a soldier, these tools will set you on the path to discovering more about your military family history.



Which DNA Test Is Right For Me?A Free Download of of Which DNA Test is Right for Me? 

New to genetic genealogy and not sure if you want to try a DNA test – or want to get strategic about doing so? In this ebook, we’ve put together articles that will help you determine the type of DNA test that will help you achieve your genealogy goals. With this ebook, you’ll get an easy introduction to the basics of genetic genealogy and see how those DNA results will help you break through brick walls.


4 Free Family Tree TemplatesA Free Download of Family Tree Templates to Organize and Share Your Genealogy

Chart your family history with these resources. In this collection, we’ve provided two decorative family tree templates, a five-generation ancestor chart, a family group sheet designed for recording information about a nuclear family, and a useful relationship chart to help you deduce how a specific family member is related to you.



Surnames E-bookSurnames: Genealogy E-book on Surname Origins and Family Search Tips

Want to research all the branches of your family tree? Then you have to know all about using your family’s last names. This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s best genealogy tips relating to family last names, including articles on basic surname research strategies, tips for seeking ancestral maiden names, what your surname reveals about your ethnic heritage, how to refining Google surname searches, and what you can learn by understanding surname meanings.



Surnames E-book48 Search Tips: Free E-book on the Biggest Genealogy Website

This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s best genealogy search tips relating to searches, including articles on using the Card Catalog, navigating immigration records, customizing your homepage and the advantages/disadvantages of public and private family trees.



DNA RCLPJump into Genetic Genealogy: Use Genealogical DNA Testing to Solve Family Mysteries

This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s best tips relating to genetic genealogy, including articles on debunking genetic genealogy misconceptions, tricks for using DNA results to break through brick walls, and a resource roundup of tools to analyze your Y-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Autosomal DNA  (atDNA) test results.



FamilySearch RCLP38 FamilySearch Search Tips: Find Free Genealogy Records Online

This free e-book contains some of Family Tree Magazine’s best genealogy search techniques relating to, including articles on searching unindexed records, ordering microfilm, add-ons for your FamilySearch Family Tree, and a guide for improving your FamilySearch searches.


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